“OKIN is actually the first company I worked for. As the first company, they have offered me a great first job experience, good salary and a great opportunity to grow, especially through the Network Academy. I like the people here in OKIN. Most of them are very friendly, and the events that OKIN organizes make the experience even better.”

I started in the Project Engineering team. At the time, this team was new here in Ostrava, as it had just moved here from the Netherlands. The type of work was more administrative than technical so I started studying CCNA on my own and later CCNP Switch in the OKIN Network Academy. I gained networking skills and decided to move to a more technical job. My chosen team was ECSR Core (Tier 1 position). I started as a newcomer as part of the day team, and shortly after moved to shifts (24/7) where I was working for about half a year. By then I had completed my CCNP certification and I decided to apply for a Tier 2 position, which was, in fact, a combination of the Tier 1 and Project Engineer jobs.

For this job position I work closely with the Project Manager, Service Manager, and also the customer on complicated problems that need a lot of thinking and negotiations. I work mainly from a technical standpoint, but also from a procedural standpoint.  My tasks include going through orders and accepting them for management, working on tickets that need deep investigation and also fixing monitoring problems.

I also have an On-call role, so for one week each month I have a laptop with me at home. When Tier 1 Engineers have an urgent problem and do not know what to do, they are able to give me a call and I can connect and resolve their issue. This job requires lot of experience but also provides a lot of opportunity to grow. This is the reason why I like my job here.

And what about my professional plans for the future? For now I do not see much further change. My Tier 2 job is really great and I am continuing to gain a lot of experience. Also, as I have had a lot of technical positions and I like to work with people, I’m considering a move to a Team Leader position of some technical team, and maybe a managerial position afterwards.