From the humble beginnings right up to today……

What is the ITIL Centre of Competence ?

Essentially the ITIL Competence Centre is an environment where we bring value to our customers by ensuring that our customers feel comfortable with every single change related to their network.

We also collect and evaluate the service quality levels to ensure our customers receive what they need to succeed.

The story so far…

In 2012 Okin started with the Change Management Admin team of 9 people for our key client; the largest Telecommunication Company in the world. They needed admin support for their key Change Managers. Change Management is governed by ITIL framework which has helped many organizations around the world to streamline their processes (e.g. NASA, Walt Disney, Deutsche Telekom etc.). The change process as defined by ITIL would not be feasible without a perfect documentation of all assets and changes made to them which is the main responsibility of a Change Administrator. In the same year we also created a new SLA Reporting Team to monitor and evaluate the quality and availability levels of Verizon services.

The team was successful so within a year we have added 5 PM Lite positions. The PM Lite role is de facto a Project Manager who acts as a single point of contact for a large enterprise customer.

Our key client was very impressed with the quality of our work, and we started to create a strong yet transparent relationship based on trust. In 2014 this resulted in a trial for a Change Management position for a very large international retail customer.

The trial was successful and resulted in some of the orginal Change Admin Team members being promoted to Change Managers with full responsibility over large customer accounts. At the beginning of 2015 there was a team of 15 people. Our key client was receiving regular positive feedback on the quality and efficiency of our work which was the key reason for further expansion.

By the end of 2015 our key client gave OKIN BPS the opportunity to manage their larger enterprise customers. These customers provide the most prestigious and top revenue earning deals. We expanded the team to 33 people, including 5 Change Managers. At this point, OKIN BPS’s Change Managers were already performing and delivering at the same level of our experienced client’s Change Managers.This experience includes process improvements, contract knowledge, relationship management, technical knowledge, and where necessary knowledge surrounding security.

In a very short space of time our key client asked us to add the position of Service Programme Manager. This was a real turning point as this position “owns“ the relationship with the customer – including financial review, operational management, billing and technical responsibilities. As well as being involved in contract re-negotiations which generally requires very solid level of contract expertise. Due to the Client Service Manager demonstrating high levels of performance, this created another new position in 2015 –  the Billing Programme Manager. This again is a complex position with a high level of responsibility over the financials – bill reviews, credit calculations, onboarding new customers to sophisticated billing platforms etc.

Our relationship with our key client is based on trust and results. Hence why we now manage our client‘s top enterprise customers via complex roles, which hold a high level of responsbility and revenue.

So from the humble beginnings of an admin team of 9 people, this team has now grown to 130 people within 5 years.

The growth has also demonstrated that we are very quick at adapting and capitalising on the opportunities. A lot of these opportunties are complex, requiring smart and efficient solutions in a short space of time.