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OKIN passionately believes in practical action over slick presentations and impressive words. We focus on the delivery of fast, pragmatic and impactful business process innovation that optimizes the integration of people, processes and machines in pursuit of disruptive new value for our clients.

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Our experience shows us there is significant confusion about the real meaning of digital transformation and the optimum journey for achieving it. We believe that this confusion is too often exploited by technology vendors and consulting companies who use enterprise uncertainty as a lever to justify huge, expensive and high-risk transformation programs based on top down thinking.

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For us, people are the key.

We have various vacancies for graduates and senior candidates in admin and it fields.

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Business stories

Customer Service: The bigger picture


At OKIN BPS, we really understand Customer Satisfaction and Customer Service. We have met many business owners, SVP’s, CEO’s who tell us how important the customer is to them, that their company is customer centric, and the customer is at the center of everything they do, which is music to our ears. They also find it straight forward to define Customer Service. However, we find that often this does not always translate when going down the Organizational structure! When we ask: Please can you define the Customer Journey. On the whole we receive two types of replies: The first is the emotional journey of what the customer feels when interacting with the company from beginning to end. The other (which is in the minority) is detailing all the touch points that the customer from beginning to end. At OKIN BPS we call that the End to End Process. It is […]


ITIL Centre of Competence


In 2012 Okin started with the Change Management Admin team of 9 people for our key client; the largest Telecommunication Company in the world. They needed admin support for their key Change Managers. Change Management is governed by ITIL framework which has helped many organizations around the world to streamline their processes (e.g. NASA, Walt Disney, Deutsche Telekom etc.). The change process as defined by ITIL would not be feasible without a perfect documentation of all assets and changes made to them which is the main responsibility of a Change Administrator. In the same year we also created a new SLA Reporting Team to monitor and evaluate the quality and availability levels of Verizon services.


Global Logical Provisioning

Global Logical Provisioning

The Global logical Provisioning (GLP) team were the first technical group in Ostrava. In 2007 the team started with 5 people, called the European PVC team reporting directly to our key client in Sweden. The team were responsible for connecting the physical line.

Intitially the customers were sceptical but very quickly noticed the improvement in the service. The initial feedback was that we were more responsive. We immediately measured the lost calls which were at 40%. Within a few months the lost calls were reduced to 2%. We also instigated a monitoring system to ensure there was a set criteria for the response times.


International Customer Service Centre

  • Our approach is to work in partnership with you. This is OKIN’s core focus. Ensuring your customers – Our customers receive the best Customer Service 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Providing world class Customer Service to multi-national enterprises.
  • We pride ourselves on our quality and customer first attitude.
  • Providing bespoke language based technical support for some of the world’s leading multinationals.
  • Through core languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Czech, and Slovak.