1. You have worked in various functions during your time within OKIN, which one was the most interesting for you and why?

I started as a Job Controller (Delivery Manager), then became a Team Leader and a trainer.

After nearly 8 years I made a 180° turn and joined Human Resources as a Recruitment Specialist. Finally, I teamed-up with our HR Business Partners.

All positions had something special to offer. But HR Business Partner is the most interesting one. It´s all about people, and as long people are not boring, this job won´t become boring either.

2. What do you like about OKIN the most?

An opportunity to start a career from scratch – with no practice or skills. Once on board your development starts: your English and communication skills improve, time and stress management become a must. In short – A History Graduate can become a certified IT engineer. That´s just cool.

3. From everything you have learned over the years, what is the one thing you appreciate the most?

To pick one out of many: Team work. To cooperate with others in order to achieve a common objective.

4. What is the scope of your work now?

To support employees in one hand and the management of the company in the other hand. The job is partly random and partly structured, with ad hoc consultations and troubleshooting as well as scheduled meetings, interviews and reports. We deal with interviewing leavers (for attrition reporting), marking down their points and opinions which are then in highlighted to management. We provide consultancy on the labour code and are involved in restriction process, and much more.

5. What are your professional plans for the future?

I´d like to become a shepherd. But as long as my job makes good sense to me there are no plans except for staying and doing my best. We will see.