I started my career in OKIN as a Delivery Manager. It was my first job experience, so I was basically excited about everything – the people, the working environment and also about the new terminology and abbreviations I had never heard about.

After two years, I was approached by one of my team leaders, who knew I’m from Český Těšín, and thought it was likely that I would be able to speak Polish. He introduced me to a completely different environment – the technical side. He was setting up a new team within the Repair department (European Managed Services) and was looking for Polish speakers to support customers’ sites in Poland. Because it sounded interesting I grabbed the chance, moved to the Repair department to work on shifts as a Network Engineer and took the opportunity to lead one of the shifts. During that year, I learned a lot about networking, and Incident / Problem management. After one year, I moved back to the day team, assigned myself to an online Cisco course, and passed CCNA. At the time, I was helping the team leader to run the team as a deputy team leader.

After another two more years, in 2011, I had a successful interview for a team leader position. It was a small team of 13 people. Over the next few years the business rapidly expanded, as well as the customer base. Today our team includes over 150 people. That’s how I became the Department Manager of the ECSR Team.

I’ve been working in my current position for a year and half and I’m still learning. First and foremost, I like my team and colleagues, and I also like the job complexity and variety that provides the possibility of self-development.