Global Logical Provisioning
From the humble beginnings right up to today……

What is the Global Logistic Provisioning?

The Global Logisitic Provisioning team is responsible for building the logical virtual circuit of each client‘s connection to our key customer‘s WAN. As well as it’s activation in cooperation with the local field engineers who deal with the physical equipment and the local PTT line.

The story so far…

The Global logical Provisioning (GLP) team were the first technical group in Ostrava. In 2007 the team started with 5 people, called the European PVC team reporting directly to our key client in Sweden. The team were responsible for connecting the physical line.

Intitially the customers were sceptical but very quickly noticed the improvement in the service. The initial feedback was that we were more responsive. We immediately measured the lost calls which were at 40%. Within a few months the lost calls were reduced to 2%. We also instigated a monitoring system to ensure there was a set criteria for the response times.

In 2010 the European PVC team merged with our key client‘s GLP team – creating a global team. We build up a new reputation with the similar group of provisioners in the U. S. We again demonstrated our capabilities and ensured we never let the customer down, and continued to strengthen our relationships with our customers. Soon we were asked to increase our coverage beyond the daily shift. The team increased from 5 to 10 in the first 2 years, and then 10 to 25 in the following 5 years.

As our reputation increased and our relationship strengthened, our key client started to give us extra projects. One of them was to clean up the network and de-commission 100 out of 110 devices. This provided a saving of 500,000 dollars, as well as saving costs in electricity and cooling of the devices.

Another project was regarding a centre in Paris that was home to 2000 devices. The Landlord wanted to tear it down. It required 7 full-time people. The process involved each circuit needing an open order with 3 weeks notice, the customer had to be informed, and a maintenace window had to be agreed so that the customer stayed connected ( had no outage). 70 circuits were managed each night. Customers were moved to different locations, and technologies were changed were possible. It took 2 years, 1 year earlier than the 3 year notice period given. As we speak we are dealing with 6 on-going projects for our key client.

The key is that we think outside the box to find the solution; provide a consistently high and dependable service, and use our resources as efficiently as possible in the smartest way. Our customers received value via our design thinking solutions, ensuring our engineers solve the issue quickly first time – the majority of the time.