From the humble beginnings right up to today……

What is the European Customer Solution and Repair centre?

European Customer Solutions and Repair (ECSR) is the Network Operations Centre (NOC) with an integrated Service Desk function supporting strategic customers with complex network solutions and premium service requirements. It provides the end-to-end support of multiple network technologies. A primary function of the NOC is Incident Management. For example the restoration of services after service impacting failures and outages. Our network engineers work on shifts to make sure there round the clock support, provided to our customers 24/7, 365 days a year.

The ECSR team deliver be-spoke processes tailor-made for each customer. This is instigated our key client Sales and PM team communicating the customer’s requests.

The story so far…

At the beginning of 2011 key client instigated a pilot project following an initial assessment of their Dortmund operational model, and the operational model at Okin in Ostrava. Ostrava was immediately more cost effective. The ECSR Department was created in OKIN BPS in2011 and began with 5 enterprise customers.

Within a very short space of time it was apparent to our key client that the service provided by OKIN BPS was of high quality. The trust and relationship grew, and the skill and knowledge level increased. From 2011 to 2015 key client awarded OKIN BPS with another 10 enterprise customers. The team grew from 13 to 80 people. In the last 18 months alone the team grew from 80-150 people.

The ECSR team is dealing with our key client’s most valuable and large Enterprise customers, often dealing with complex requirements. Our key client kept a nucleus of people in their operations centre in Dortmund. Now OKIN BPS manage and employ 90% of the ECSR Tier 1 network engineers, and 35% of Tier 2 engineers, which demonstrates the trust and strength of our relationship.

OKIN BPS is much more than just a vendor; we are treated as a business partner. We are part of our key client’s management meetings. They care and value our thoughts, consulting with us, being part of the decision making process.

As our key client gained major customers, they have been awarded to OKIN BPS based on high performance levels and increasing the customer service standards. The Customer Satisfaction rating has improved by 17% in the last 3 years alone.

Here is an example from one of our customers as to why the customer satisfaction increased:

“Many thanks for the speed at which you have actioned this change, it is much appreciated.”

“Just one last update and thanks to our partners , the change you help push through so quickly, resolved the issues the site were having and directly helped the business, so thanks again.”

Business Infrastructure Delivery manager

OKIN BPS now manages 15 Enterprise customers. Dealing with 9,000+ tickets per month and dealing with 70,000 managed devices, which has seen a 360% growth in the last 2 years.

OKIN BPS began an In-House training academy in 2016. In the last 15 months over 500 engineers have been certified with different levels of certification.

To summarize: