ABSL prize

OKIN BPS has just been awarded a second Diamond Award. The ABSL Diamond Award recognizes the best achievements within business services in the Czech Republic. It celebrates initiatives that push business services forward and stand out as exemplary projects. OKIN BPS received a second Diamond Award within the Education category, Diamond Award 2017.

ABSL is the Association of Business Service Leaders in the Czech Republic (ABSL) is the leading member organization representing the business services sector in the Czech Republic.

Why did we do this?

Our trigger was the realization that OKIN BPS was advancing quickly into more complex employment offerings, and the market was not prepared to answer with the level and numbers of talented people that we foresaw being needed.

OKIN BPS is exceptionally positioned by its ICT infrastructure, scope, and advancing technologies spectrum which offer wide spaces for vertical and horizontal career movements for employees. That position is symbiotically served by supporting them, and in turn the marketplace with professional education engagements.

OKIN BPS will echo a March report from Horses for Sources which said the next generation of BPaaS players will be those that realize investment into their clients must start with investment in the skills of its own employees. Value creation will not come from hiring expensive market-based talent, but teaching talented people to be what the base company and its end-users need. These new versions of BPaaS will be as much miniature universities themselves as providers of services.

When did it start?

OKIN BPS began our first technology labs in 2011. Since then we have produced hundreds of technically Certified Engineers, Project Managers, and Leaders. We use these to enhance the marketplace, and specifically in the space of our own work requirements.

Though this investment in our people, we now assist the local high schools and universities with our Networking Workshops. These are presented (especially in high schools) as an opportunity to start young, talented minds into real understandings of jobs that can be available in ICT. In return, this engagement has assisted OKIN BPS find the right minds to develop and employ, while improving the overall market conditions with regards to increased availability of these talents.

What are the benefits?