At OKIN BPS, we really understand Customer Satisfaction and Customer Service.

We have met many business owners, SVP’s, CEO’s who tell us how important the customer is to them, that their company is customer centric, and the customer is at the center of everything they do, which is music to our ears. They also find it straight forward to define Customer Service. However, we find that often this does not always translate when going down the Organizational structure!

When we ask: Please can you define the Customer Journey. On the whole we receive two types of replies: The first is the emotional journey of what the customer feels when interacting with the company from beginning to end.

The other (which is in the minority) is detailing all the touch points that the customer from beginning to end. At OKIN BPS we call that the End to End Process.

It is so important to put yourself in the customer’s position and map out that process from end to end. The benefits of doing this correctly are:

  1. The customer has an easy and seamless experience when dealing with your company
  2. Your company will have a clear overview of the end to end process from an operational point of view. This is where you can make tweaks and create operational efficiencies – often with savings in time and costs

When we ask how is it being measured? we receive a variety of replies such as: “We do not get many customer complaints” … ” Look at our great testimonials” … “Our Sales prove that we have great customer service” … to name but a few.

It’s always good to find a professional company that can measure this professionally and objectively for you.

One that we are familiar with is CSAT.

CSAT is short for Customer Satisfaction which a is a commonly used key performance indicator to tracks how satisfied customers are with your organization’s products and/or services.This is key for any company. Especially when you become a medium to large enterprise, with lots of touch points via many different products and services.

One this is up and running this can be part of your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) within your operation. So that all your departments can be measured, allowing you to react very quickly, taking on board customer feedback, and allowing you to be on top of your game.

If you put all this into practice, then you will have satisfied customers, resulting in industry leading CSAT scores. Our scores are regularly 15% above the Industry average.

We are proud to say we have achieved this after many years of hard work and dedication.

In our International Customer Service Centre, we put this into practice with. We are proud of our 7-year track record, by increasing the Customer Satisfaction score by 37%.