How did you get to Moravian Silesian region in the Czech Republic? How long have you been here?
My wife is Czech, and I discovered this beautiful country back in 1999. We often had conversations about moving to the Czech Republic one day. Then in early 2015 my wife had an opportunity to work for one bigger company in Olomouc. We made the decision to move the whole family and start a new adventure. This was In August 2015.
You are a British guy. Was it difficult to find a job without speaking Czech? Do you think there are enough (job) opportunities for foreigners here?
I would like to answer this question in two parts: I was lucky. I am a natural networker, and was told by my contact that they knew someone in HR in OKIN BPS, and that a Key Account Management job was available. I did not even know where Ostrava was. An email, phone call and interviews later and I was offered the position of Key Account Manager shortly afterwards. As this is the only job I have had since arriving in the Czech Republic, I am not sure how difficult it is to find new opportunities. My impression is that there are maybe some opportunities in Prague, and possibly some international companies that have offices in Ostrava or Brno.
You work as an Account Manager in OKIN BPS. What are OKIN BPS current projects you are working on?
I am working on 3 projects now. I am afraid I am not able to go into too much detail at the moment. However, these are exciting times. I can say one of them started as a new customer at the end of May. It was a real team effort, and I personally put a lot of time into this project to help it succeed. The other two are developing as we speak. In the coming months ahead, I will be able to reveal more information when the time is right.
BPS is part of a very dynamic and constantly changing industry. OKIN BPS is more than 14 years on the market. What do you think are OKIN BPS keys to success?
I often cringe when I hear this answer, but in our case, in OKIN BPS’s case it’s true: It is the people. It is all about the people. Yes, we are incorporating some of the latest technologies such as RPA and AI in how we do business; but essentially the calibre and unique people we hire make OKIN BPS. We really have unique characters that show resilience, pro-activeness, attention to detail within the operational world, and not afraid to challenge the status quo. In a nutshell; we have unique people that often make a difference, always with the customer in mind.
How has OKIN BPS changes since you arrived nearly 3 years ago?
There have been big changes. If for a moment you treat OKIN BPS as a person; it has gone through a lot of self-reflection and analysis. It understood that it needs to change to be relevant in today’s world. As much as we have changed behind the scenes, we have also gone through a mindset change in how we approach business. So far this has resulted in us being more flexible and approachable to the market place, and better understanding how we can add value to our customer.