Ostrava (the Czech Republic), 16 January 2019 – Okin BPS (Business Process Services), a leading global professional services provider and Fujitsu RunMyProcess, a High-Productivity Cloud Platform provider, announce a new partnership to provide expert support and services in migrating from legacy applications to modern IT solutions.

Fujitsu RunMyProcess and Okin BPS are partnering to support enterprises with a full-service solution which enables customers to rapidly replace legacy applications with new business solutions that integrate end-to-end business processes and systems.

Fujitsu RunMyProcess owns a solid and proven technology of cloud platform which is dedicated to improving the integration of enterprise systems to drive business innovation. Okin BPS with its customer service experience guarantee seamless service delivery directly to clients around the world.

Following IBM’s recent sell-off to HCL, many enterprises are considering a move away from the IBM Notes suite to modern platforms like Google apps or Microsoft Office 365. The cooperation between Fujitsu RunMyProcess and OKIN BPS will ensure seamless digital transformation of business systems and processes.

Dan Smith, CEO of OKIN BPS, says: “OKIN BPS teaming with Fujitsu RunMyProcess will support enterprises in fast and secure delivery transition to modern cloud solutions. With Fujitsu RunMyProcess enabling smoother, faster, and true cross-functional data usage combined with OKIN BPS’ process-first, automation next approach, we are convinced that our cooperation is exactly what the business world is demanding. We look forward to really enabling correct and useful digitization of business processes.”

“We foresee an exciting opportunity for growth in our new partnership with Okin BPS. Our combined services will provide enterprises the expertise needed to seamlessly transition from IBM Notes to other platforms like Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365. This will allow enterprises the best cloud based digital services and support to increase efficiency, scalability, and productivity.” comments Vic Herring, Head of Global Sales and Marketing for Fujitsu RunMyProcess.

About Fujitsu RunMyProcess
Fujitsu RunMyProcess is a unique cloud platform that enables hundreds of leading companies in over 45 countries to remove the technology barriers to digital transformation. Our innovative platform empowers our customers to rapidly create, deploy and distribute highly customised enterprise and mobile business applications designed to meet their specific needs – unifying user experiences, connecting silos of information, reducing time to value and enabling digital scale. For more information, please visit