How did you get to Moravian Silesian region in the Czech Republic? How long have you been here? My wife is Czech, and I discovered this beautiful country back in 1999. We often had conversations about moving to the Czech Republic one day. Then in early 2015 my wife had an opportunity to work for one bigger company in Olomouc. We made the decision to move the whole family and start a new adventure. This was In August 2015. You are a British guy. Was it difficult to find a job without speaking Czech? Do you think there are enough (job) opportunities for foreigners here? I would like to answer this question in two parts: I was lucky. I am a natural networker, and was told by my contact that they knew someone in HR in OKIN BPS, and that a Key Account Management job was available. I did not […]

ABSL prize

OKIN BPS has just been awarded a second Diamond Award. The ABSL Diamond Award recognizes the best achievements within business services in the Czech Republic. It celebrates initiatives that push business services forward and stand out as exemplary projects. OKIN BPS received a second Diamond Award within the Education category, Diamond Award 2017. ABSL is the Association of Business Service Leaders in the Czech Republic (ABSL) is the leading member organization representing the business services sector in the Czech Republic. Why did we do this? Our trigger was the realization that OKIN BPS was advancing quickly into more complex employment offerings, and the market was not prepared to answer with the level and numbers of talented people that we foresaw being needed. OKIN BPS is exceptionally positioned by its ICT infrastructure, scope, and advancing technologies spectrum which offer wide spaces for vertical and horizontal career movements for employees. That position […]


“We work together to provide world class customer service to our clients” Benny Shingler We are ICSC (The International Customer Service Center). As the name suggests we are the support team for our customers’ technical fault enquiries. We support a multitude of products including: Data Center / Colocation, Managed Services, Voice / VoIP, IP, Data and Security. Our team currently consists of 90 agents covering 24/7 operations for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The team is divided into 5 sub teams (UK and Ireland, North (Germany and Nordic), South (France, Italy and Spain), 24/7, and designated (larger international customers who purchase support and work with 1 specific person on a daily basis)) who work together to provide world class customer service to our clients.   We are a very multinational team providing support to our customers via phone, email, and online (Live Chat, Online Portal) in 15 different languages […]


How would you describe OKIN BPS? OKIN BPS’ point of existence is to get work done for our clients and theirs. We combine humans taught in our own labs, I call it the OKIN mini-university, who first streamline processes and resource requirements then enhance their outputs using digital tools to get more done. What do you think are OKIN BPS’s key strengths? I have the opinion that OKIN BPS’s top strength is Ingenuity. Our people quite normally see problems as more like puzzles they have to figure out. We seek people who will think ahead of the times, ahead of the curve, change the processes so digitization can be better applied and with better results. This fosters a clean and clear understanding of Change Management within OKIN BPS. Another key strength is Courage. OKIN BPS has often stood up next to the worlds’ business giants, and have succeeded, at times […]